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PostSubject: Screenshots   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:56 pm

We would love to see our members doing great things,
that's why every1 is free to post their screenshots here.

You maybe also want to mention the level u are playing on and with who you are playing cause it's not always that obvious.
Also screenshot of map scores or total scores are welcome.

We want to laugh at the noobs u pwnd, so post it!

But not only your best moments got to be posted,
if you want to make us laugh you are free to post ur biggest fails too.

We might even be able to advice you.

How to post a screenshot?

- Use your xfire combination for screenshot or press the "prt scr" button on your keyboard (located above Delete & Insert)
- If you used the "prt scr" button open up photoshop or paint or sth and press "paste", then save the image.
- Next u go to or, search your image by using search file
if u used "prt scr" u know exactly where u saved it
if u used xfire go to your program files -> xfire -> screenshots
- upload the image and copy the direct url
- and then here on forum you just need to type: [*img]*the direct url*[*/img]
(without the stars)


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